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Warm Breeze - Proven Central Heating solutions for over 25 years

Bringing Wellington and Kapiti the latest Award Winning Braemar Gas Central Heating systems

Warm, healthy homes

Braemar heaters are engineered to offer you the most advanced, reliable heating systems on the market


Save money

Braemar Ecostar is the world’s most efficient gas central heating system, with a 6 star energy rating.


Designed just for you

We fit our range of gas central heating systems to meet your specific requirements, not just "one size fits all".


Quiet and gentle

Your Braemar system is extremely quiet and creates no more than a warm, gentle zephyr.


Certified Installer:

World Leading Innovation and Features


Heat only the rooms you choose

MagIQtouch Wall Controller and Wi-Fi Smart App allows you to control heat to where and when you want it.


Stylish and Functional

Unobtrusive grills to fit your decor, and unprecedented control and functionality throughout your home.


Reliable and Proven

Manufactured in Australia, Braemar provides world leading innovation and engineering excellence.


More Features

We're Wellington's largest - because we guarantee quality


Pat Bowles, Manager of Warm Breeze

Complete package

We sell, design, install, and service your central heating. All Braemar parts are stored in Wellington, so you don’t have to wait.



We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back. 5 year Free Warrantee on your Braemar system.


Exclusive service

Pat Bowles oversees and manages the entire process to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.


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Save on your power bill and still get endless hot water!

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"It's a different house! ... the central heating installers were very good, give them my thanks."

Diana Vincent



"The best! ... Many thanks, central heating is one of the best things we have done to the house."

Chris Prowse