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Gas Hot Water Heating

Warm Breeze installs energy efficient Rheem and Rinnai continuous flow gas hot water heaters, throughout Wellington, Hutt Valley, and the Kapiti Coast.


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Rinnai Infinity Range

Rinnai Infinity® Range

Rinnai continuous flow hot water systems use gas to heat water only as you need it. Hot water never runs out and there are no bills for heating water you don’t require. 

  • Endless Flow - The whole family can shower consecutively, or multiple showers can run at once and the hot water flows continuously.
  • Reduced costs - You only pay to heat the water you use. No stored hot water, significantly reducing yearly running costs.
  • Space saving - Rinnai Infinity water heaters can be located on the outside of your home providing extra storage space inside.
  • Digital Control - Controllers allow you to set desired water temperatures. Controllers also provide an extended warranty on the Rinnai Infinity.
  • RinnaiGas Source - Direct use of gas is a cleaner process that generates much less waste.
Rheem Gas Continuous Flow

Rheem Gas Continuous Flow

Rheem continuous flow water heaters deliver hot water that never runs out because they heat water when you need it, for as long as you need it. They work differently to traditional storage water heaters, only heating on demand rather than heating and storing water until needed.

  • Flame Safe - offers superior built-in safety.
  • Optional Temperature Controllers - Optional intelligent soft touch control pads (Standard and Deluxe available) allow easy setting of safe temperatures. Deluxe controllers also offer a “bath fill” mode and safety features.
  • Continuous hot water - water is heated as it passes through the unit, meaning it will virtually never run out of hot water.
  • Built-in diagnostics & operational display - for further consumer protection.
  • Optional exterior recess box - enables the water Rheemheater to be fitted into a wall cavity, or use a pipe skirt to neatly cover the connections.
  • IQ intelligence built-in - smoothes out cold pockets and enhances temperature control during frequent use.


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